A dreamy, charming residence in Conversano

An ancient hunting lodge of the sixteenth century is the location of the Masseria Montepaolo, a charming haven surrounded by the lush nature of the Mediterranean scrub. Situated on a hill overlooking a Karst valley, it is inserted in the Riserva Naturale Regionale Orientata of the “Laghi di Conversano” lakes, an area protected by the WWF and once known as the land of the oaks.

An enchanting area in the heart of the Masseria

Surrounded by an expansive green lawn, the Masseria residence offers guests an exclusive pool, an equipped playground and an evocative air-conditioned winter garden, perfect for weddings, meetings and all types of events. An enchanting area that becomes the beating heart of the social activities and celebrations at our masseria.

An enchanting area in the heart of the Masseria

Part of the exclusive Associazione delle Dimore Storiche, the Historical Residences Association of Asso Castelli, the Masseria is also official site for civil weddings, ensuring an atmosphere of great prestige and sophistication.

A corner of history in the heart of Apulia

Next to the building stands a little, rural, picturesque church, considered to be an ancient hermitage dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. Inside this fascinating little church, frescoes dating back to 1642 were discovered, silent witnesses of the history of the location.

The medieval tower with a view of the nature park.

Just 200 meters from the Masseria, the “Torre del Brigante” tower stands. It is an imposing structure built in the fourteenth century, officially recognised as a site of historical architectural interest by the Superintendence for Artistic and Cultural Heritage. The dovecote with its semi-spherical roof of Byzantine influence is a true jewel, originally used to train carrier pigeons.